Bogotá, Distrito Capital

Bogotá, Distrito Capital // Travel // Gabriel Gastelum

Sometimes, you just have to look a little closer. When Brian and I first landed in Bogotá we were a little taken aback.  Before our last leg of the trip we had [sailed in paradise] and spent a [couple of days… Continue Reading


Hoi An, Vietnam Photography by Gabriel Gastelum

We were lucky. We definitely had planned to go to Hoi An while in Vietnam, but we didn’t expect to be there during a full moon lantern festival. I don’t remember if the bus ride to Hoi An was eventful… Continue Reading

Evy and Gabriel Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yes yes I know I am behind on the road trip pictures, but this is my blog so BACK OFF! (said in a nice way). Our first stop on our road trip to Atlanta was Santa Fe, New Mexico. Besides… Continue Reading

Road Trippin & Changes


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve actually been pretty occupied. Traveling in a packed car across the country, exploring unknown places of the United States, with your best friend takes up a lot of your time actually. I… Continue Reading

Morning Prayers – mPowering Foundation


Every morning, after the kids have arrived to school, the bell is rung to begin the ritual of morning prayers. You can see the prayers in the beginning of the video I made, but the purpose of this post was… Continue Reading

Nothing But Smiles – Children of mPowering


A glimpse of the faces that mPowering is helping. I want everyone to know that these children live on almost nothing a day. Nothing. But they had nothing but smiles on their faces every single time I saw them. Incredible.

An Introduction // Juanga, Orissa


Our first day in Juanga was pretty much spent just trying to soak it all in. Speaking of soak, I am going to say that I was soaked in my sweat almost 24/7 while I was there. It was so… Continue Reading

A Little Sample in Attempt to Catch Up – mPowering

Local Child in Juanga

This recent trip to India and Nepal with mPowering has definitely been more than life changing. To be honest, all of the trips I have taken have been life changing, but this one stands a little bit above the others.… Continue Reading

Good And Bad Memories

Cambodia, Lighthouse Orphanage, Boy Playing

“The truth is that it is all the memories, the good ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make you who you are as a person.” – Scrubs

A Walking Tour // Cusco, Peru


Cusco was, without a doubt, a welcome relief from the craziness that is Lima. The town itself is amazingly beautiful. Gorgeous center surrounded by pretty majestic hills and mountains. It take me a couple of days to get used to… Continue Reading