San Francisco Heat Wave // Mission Beach Cafe

Mission Beach Cafe e1282759391761 San Francisco Heat Wave // Mission Beach Cafe

Yesterday was a scorcher. Seriously, the whole Bay Area had a heat advisory warning. Its funny because everyone has been complaining about how cold the summer has been this year. Then BAM! All of the sudden Satan decided to visit San Francisco and make it as hot as his armpit. Still though, it was one of those fantastic days. I had brunch with my friend Oscar at the Mission Beach Cafe and immediately afterwards had a head shot session with him in the Mission area. The brunch, as you can see above, was delicious.

Walked the Mission, went home and cried in my sweat, went back down and walked through Dolores Park. I met up with my friend Christine to go to a new restaurant in the Mission called Hog and Rocks, where we got dinner and drinks for FREE. Why? Well because we are amazing.

I know I am behind in posting AND tomorrow I head out to Arizona for a wedding event I will be covering.

I will catch up though, I promise!

An Irish Lad & A Mexican

Gabe and Donal e1281941519123 An Irish Lad & A Mexican

This picture is for Niamh’s mom and only her mom (inside joke).

Two Mexicans (Mar and I) and 8 people from Ireland. We went out to eat dinner at Andalu in the Mission District and it was so delicious. Not only that, they have this deal where you pay 15 dollars for UNLIMITED beer and sangria. Lets just say that in those two hours we had a lot of pitchers at our table. It was such a fun night and a slow Sunday morning if you know what I mean. Also, people from Ireland talk really fast, but it gets better to understand them with more beer you drink.