Road Trip :: Tucson to Atlanta

Road Trip: Santa Fe, Texas, Memphis, Atlanta

A long long time ago Evy and I took a road trip from Arizona to Georgia. Right before her incredible wedding, she moved back to Atlanta. About a year and a half ago it seems like. I never had time… Continue Reading


Road Tripping the United States by Gabriel Gastelum

At the beginning of June I took a little road trip. My good friend Evan was moving from New York City back to Arizona (I know, ew). Anywho, considering that I have helped his sister move across the country twice… Continue Reading

It’s Like Really Brrrrr You Guys


Where is my Vera Wang Snuggie??? Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I am in the middle of a road trip to Atlanta (currently in Memphis), so updates are hard to do when you are exploring the country you… Continue Reading