Allison Holker

Allison Holker by Gabriel Gastelum

Allison Holker Allison – freaking – Holker After a session, a photographer has to go through the photos and pick out the best from the bunch. But, what do you do when almost every single image blows your mind? This… Continue Reading


Ryan Ramirez :: SYTYCD :: Dancer :: Editorial

Photography in Los Angeles is at a whole new level. Truthfully, a level that was beyond my experience. I was used to capturing moments, people & places with little equipment and only available light at quick speed. Pictures were hit… Continue Reading


Ryan Freakin Ramirez.

Ryan Freakin Ramirez.  “She loves to laugh she loves to sing she does everything…” “She loves to move she loves to groove she loves a lot of things…”  This girl is incredible. She does it all. No really, she does… Continue Reading