I love when I can make my clients happy (who doesnt?). Lyndsay and Adam opted to have both an engagement album made as well as a wedding site when they picked out their package. I love Lyndsay’s response to both… Continue Reading


Boutique LookBook Jewelry Design / GDX Photography

It all started with Artwalk. The Los Angeles Artwalk downtown is an event that happens once a month. In short, it is an epic event where artists, designers, vendors, galleries, food trucks and musicians just form one huge party. It… Continue Reading

Evy & Joe Wedding Site // Showit +site

Evy and Joe Wedding Website - Gabriel Gastelum Photography

What I love about using Showit for my website needs is the fact that it allows me to have mini +sites for my clients (or anything else really). Since I am a bestie and groomsman for her wedding, I can’t… Continue Reading

Promise Tangeman Creative // Featured Favorites

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As I have mentioned on the blog before, the amazingly talented Promise Tangeman was the one who designed the style for my new website. The response to the new site was overwhelmingly positive and her design deserves most of the… Continue Reading

Evy & Joe Are Getting Married!! // Showit +Site

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.11.18 PM

Gone or those days of those lame wedding sites that you see people do all the time. OK fine, they aren’t lame, but they definitely aren’t original. With the help of Showit and the talented folks at Promise Tangeman Creative,… Continue Reading

New Website is Live!!! // Promise Tangeman // Showit

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First of all, I have to say that Promise Tangeman is a creative genius. There was no way I could get a custom design by her at the moment (all in due time my friends), but as soon as she… Continue Reading