Ramkala // mPowering Foundation

Ramkala - Gabriel Gastelum Photography

{***WARNING*** – Some of the photos in the following post are very graphic and contain blood. If you are unable to handle strong images of hospital treatment I suggest that you don’t proceed.} I’ve heard it said that people come… Continue Reading

Morning Prayers – mPowering Foundation


Every morning, after the kids have arrived to school, the bell is rung to begin the ritual of morning prayers. You can see the prayers in the beginning of the video I made, but the purpose of this post was… Continue Reading

Good And Bad Memories

Cambodia, Lighthouse Orphanage, Boy Playing

“The truth is that it is all the memories, the good ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make you who you are as a person.” – Scrubs

One Of Those Impossible Questions

Machu Picchu Peru

I am completely lucky to say that I am a well traveled guy. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa (and countries therein) can all be added to my list of places I have done crazy shit… Continue Reading