Easter Sunday Randomness

Oh look, I am behind on blogging. What a surprise huh? Well, I’ve been a busy little bee. With friends visiting, shoots lined up, editing to do, driving back and Forth from SF to LA; its just been one crazy… Continue Reading

A Look Back At My 2010 // A Year of Epicness

This year could possibly go down as one of the most amazing years in my entire life. So amazing, that who knows if any other year could possibly top it. It may not be possible, but I am for sure… Continue Reading

Karla + Jason // Lifestyle Couple Photography Session

Before I left for New Orleans I scheduled a photoshoot with the amazing couple that is Karla and Jason. Karla contacted me and said that they take photos every year as a couple and this one was no different. They,… Continue Reading

mPowering Fundraiser Success!!

The mPowering fundraiser, I believe, was a raging success. Not only did I feel awesome because people actually bid on me, but because I got so many compliments on my photos. On particular man ended up bidding on almost all… Continue Reading

Day of the Launch – mPowering Foundation

I have to say that the day we launched the mPowering program in Orissa was a day that my face hurt from smiling so much. We headed over to the high school for the presentation and to give out the… Continue Reading

My Official Theme Song of 2010

I want to be a lilikoi boy lilikoi You grind your claws, you howl growl Unafraid of all colour You run, you’re free, you climb and dress trees You reignite You growl, you howl, you show your teeth You bite,… Continue Reading

The Stone Family // Lifestyle Portraiture Session

It came so easy, a lot easier than I thought it would. I think it is because I come from a very large family. I was always surrounded by family, their laughs, smiles, stories, etc. Len, Jessica and little Henry… Continue Reading

Lidia and Chris // San Francisco Engagement Session

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to do a Mini-Engagement session with Chris and Lidia. They picked Treasure Island in between San Francisco and the East Bay. Chris proposed to Lidia at this location and the view couldn’t be any… Continue Reading

Good And Bad Memories

“The truth is that it is all the memories, the good ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make you who you are as a person.” – Scrubs