Iris Apfel // Fashion Icon

Iris Apfel // Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Businesswoman. Interior designer. Fashion icon. Legend. These are all the words that only begin to describe Iris Apfel. With her signature giant glasses, gobs of bracelets, baubles and necklaces, and crazed color combinations, you will always know when Iris enters… Continue Reading

Taylor James // Dancer

Taylor James by Gabriel Gastelum

Meet Taylor. Dancer panda. Taylor is an amazingly gifted dancer, dancing with the likes of…well everyone it seems. He even appeared as a dancer during the most recent Superbowl halftime show with Katy Perry! During his insanely busy schedule we… Continue Reading

|| Eric Angelo ||

Eric Smith © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Only in Los Angeles can it be “Winter” and you can still get away with wearing swim shorts and well, practically nothing at all. Meet Eric. Eric is a {youtuber}. And is a pretty hilarious guy. It was another beautiful… Continue Reading


Colleen Ballinger // Miranda Sings // © Gabriel Gastelum Photog

Colleen. There is so much to be said about Colleen. So much, that one little blog post won’t do her justice. Y’all know her as Miranda Sings, but lets just talk about Colleen herself for a teensy bit. Her talent… Continue Reading

Levi Michaels // Lifestyle

Levi Michaels // © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Before we go into the shoot below, I want to talk to you guys about something. Many times, especially by clients and even fellow photographers, a certain issue was been brought up to me. That one issue is mixing my… Continue Reading

Art for Art Project // Photographer Clinton Meyer


Clinton has been there since the beginning. Back when I was contemplating on whether I should pursue photography or not, I discovered a site known as Flickr. What was cool about Flickr is you were able to join groups and… Continue Reading

Farrish // Family Portraits


I have lots of families approach me to do portraits. The thing is I’m not what they are looking for. Most of these families want the simple set up, everyone looking at the camera, big smiles and thats it. I… Continue Reading

James // Lifestyle Portraits

James Cerne // Lifestyle Portraits

“I’ve been working hard on my body and I feel great and I want to commemorate it” That’s how James’ message to me started. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get portraits done when you… Continue Reading

Mylee // Perfectly Flawed // Breast Cancer Fighter

Mylee // Perfectly Flawed // Breast Cancer Fighter

Meet Mylee. Mother to a beautiful daughter, in the armed forces for the United States and fighting breast cancer. “I am perfectly flawed” That is what Mylee told me during our session. She explained that once people learn to accept… Continue Reading