Nepal :: Travel Photography :: Gabriel Gastelum

I went to Nepal. The reason most people visit Nepal is to do a trek. I didn’t do any of that. I spent my time in a hospital in a remote region of the Humla District. Seeing things that only… Continue Reading

Working with mPowering / India & Nepal

Its always awesome seeing video and images that I took be used in an awesome video. Check them out! MPowering in Orissa, India: {A short video on our work in Orissa, India. We’ve partnered with Citta Foundation, who built and… Continue Reading

Dr. Christopher Barley Hospital // Humla, Nepal


While I have showed a lot of pictures of the people I took pictures of in Nepal and India, I have hardly posted pictures of the places I stayed. Here we have the hospital in Nepal. I took the picture… Continue Reading

An ExtraOrdinary Little Girl // Munamati // Nepal


The other day I got a chance to catch up with Kamael, who I annoyed on her trip to India and Nepal for her organization. We were remembering the faces we saw and catching up on her most recent trip… Continue Reading

Ramkala // mPowering Foundation

Ramkala - Gabriel Gastelum Photography

{***WARNING*** – Some of the photos in the following post are very graphic and contain blood. If you are unable to handle strong images of hospital treatment I suggest that you don’t proceed.} I’ve heard it said that people come… Continue Reading

mPowering Fundraiser Success!!


The mPowering fundraiser, I believe, was a raging success. Not only did I feel awesome because people actually bid on me, but because I got so many compliments on my photos. On particular man ended up bidding on almost all… Continue Reading