This is Arizona not Ireland

Where the heck did the desert go???? Who cares. Monsoon season in Arizona is one of my most favorite things in the entire world. The sound and smell of those rains combined with the power of that thunder is beyond… Continue Reading

Good And Bad Memories

“The truth is that it is all the memories, the good ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make you who you are as a person.” – Scrubs

Baklava, Robyn and India

The picture above can tell you two important things about me. The first one is that I love pastries, whether they are from Greece or China. If it is sweet you can most likely bet that I will be doing… Continue Reading

Scott Pilgrim and Sunday Soccer Games

I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, but when a couple of friends invited me to go see Scott Pilgrim I agreed to go watch it after seeing the trailer. I can see the movie completely splitting… Continue Reading

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If I had to pick any city to move to in all of the ones I visited in South America, it would be Rio De Janeiro. It is crazy how fast I fell in love with the city during our… Continue Reading

One Of Those Impossible Questions

I am completely lucky to say that I am a well traveled guy. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa (and countries therein) can all be added to my list of places I have done crazy shit… Continue Reading