Editorial // Saturday Morning Cartoons

Parker Hurley // Editorial // Gabriel Gastelum

Remember when we were kids and we used to wake up on Saturday morning really excited to watch cartoons? Well, some of us never really grow out of that. The cool ones don’t at least. Who is to say that… Continue Reading

Andrew K

Andrew K // Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Andrew. Smiles. Venice Beach. Sunny day. All of these are key words to a good photo session. Andrew and I walked around Abbott Kinney and Venice Beach to take some portraits. The guy has the type of eyes that people… Continue Reading

Murray // Pool Daze // Editorial

Murray // Pool // Model // Editorial // Gabriel Gastelum

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to do a collaboration shoot with my good buddy Paul. It was by far one of the hottest days I have experienced in Los Angeles so far. There was a pool,… Continue Reading

sPLaTTer EDitorIAL

Colby Melvin / Cory Frederick / Andrew Christian Underwear

A couple of weeks ago, [The Underwear Expert] asked me if I could do an editorial for them with…well underwear. Once underwear company, [Andrew Christian], gave us the go ahead to use their brand I decided to use paint for… Continue Reading

Brandon Robert Brown

Brandon Robert Brown // Los Angeles Model Photographer

My new backyard is amazing. Seriously. It is gigantic. Brandon here was officially my first photoshoot in my new house. So it was extra special. An up and coming model (he is an exclusive model for Andrew Christian Underwear), Brandon… Continue Reading

heatwave cool down // an editorial

Wet Clothes and Hot Models

A heatwave hit Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. You really feel it when you live in a house with no airconditioning by the way. Brandon Robert Brown & Colby Melvin show us how to cool off. An editorial… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Paul Ferrer Underwear

Colby Melvin for Paul Ferrer Clothing

I don’t need a lot. I don’t need big fancy lights, big locations, stylists, make up artists, art directors, etc. All I need is good light & and a good model. Sure, sometimes you need help here and there with… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Black & White

Colby Melvin by GDX PHOTO

A couple of weeks ago, I had one heck of a shoot with Colby. We took a lot of pictures. Almost as many as I would take at a wedding. Which, is a bit ridiculous. There will be more looks… Continue Reading

Parker Hurley

Parker Hurley

Parker is new to Los Angeles from New York. I met up with Parker at the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica for a workout and headshot session (which I don’t blog). I’ve never really explored the left side of… Continue Reading


Daniel & Jake // ANIMAL Editorial by Gabriel Gastelum

So if it’s just tonight, The animal inside, Let it live and die. Like it’s the end of time, Like everything inside, Let it live and die. I’m not asleep, I’m up for the fight Into the magic. And I… Continue Reading


Jake Jonathan Bley // GOLDEN

Jake was covered in paint and glitter. Do you know how hard that is to take off? Very.  Poor Jake had glitter on him for days afterwards. Actually, he may have taken gold glitter back with him to Australia. Worth… Continue Reading