Brandon // Model

Brandon Schinaman // Slater Model Management // By Gabriel Gastelum

Los Angeles is full of gorgeous people. Basically, I feel like a troll daily. I’m kidding!. Sort of. Maybe. (not kidding). I’ve been working with a lot of models recently, and I am not going to lie, it’s been one… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Model // Malibu

Colby Melvin // Model // Malibu

Malibu. While it is a pretty famous beach town, a lot of out of town visitors don’t realize how cold the Pacific Ocean is. This happened with Colby. During our shoot in Malibu, it was his first time actually touching… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Black & White

Colby Melvin by GDX PHOTO

A couple of weeks ago, I had one heck of a shoot with Colby. We took a lot of pictures. Almost as many as I would take at a wedding. Which, is a bit ridiculous. There will be more looks… Continue Reading


I’ve been pretty lucky in Los Angeles so far. You hear horror stories about working with certain models, but I’ve had nothing but excellent models (so far). Add Doug King to that list of great people I’ve worked with. When… Continue Reading