//\\ Eddie Eduardo //\\

Eddie Eduardo © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

A rainy Los Angeles day. SO RARE, so amazing. I miss rain. I lived in Seattle for eight years, and while people always question the amount of rain, I think its the best. Those cloudy days make for the BEST… Continue Reading

Mark & Ethan // Lifestyle Portraits

Mark & Ethan / © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Mark & Ethan // Part 2 As explained in my [previous post] Mark and Ethan are boomtown.  You can make up your own definition for that word btw. Anywho, I was pretty excited for this second part of the shoot. While… Continue Reading

// Derek //

Derek for Underwear Expert

Get a box of underwear and swim suits sent to your door. Thanks [Timoteo] and others! Get a great model you’ve worked with before (Thanks Derek!) Get a popular site to feature the exclusive (thanks Underwear Expert!) Go to a… Continue Reading

Levi Michaels // Lifestyle

Levi Michaels // © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Before we go into the shoot below, I want to talk to you guys about something. Many times, especially by clients and even fellow photographers, a certain issue was been brought up to me. That one issue is mixing my… Continue Reading

Folk in LA // Eric Rutherford

Eric Rutherford // Folk in LA

Meeting in the charming Alfred Coffee and Kitchen nestled in the ever-evolving Melrose Place, Eric Rutherford joked that a downtowner “could have come from a different state because it’s a different state of mind.” Therein lies the beauty of the city… Continue Reading

exploring with the Fuji x100s

Fuji x100 s Test

So a few months ago I bought the Fuji X100s. To be honest, it was a “make myself feel better” purchase. I really didn’t have a need for it, and when I first used it I was disappointed with the… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Timoteo

Colby Melvin by Gabriel Gastelum

Model: [Colby Melvin] Underwear: [Timoteo] Colby is, without a doubt, one of my favorite models to work with. While he is very good at the modeling part of it, its his behind the scenes character that I actually love capturing. He… Continue Reading

James // Lifestyle Portraits

James Cerne // Lifestyle Portraits

“I’ve been working hard on my body and I feel great and I want to commemorate it” That’s how James’ message to me started. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get portraits done when you… Continue Reading

David John Craig

David John Craig // Gabriel Gastelum

Joy. God. Love. Music. Style. Pain. Trust. Family. Truth. Sex. Passion. Creativity. Freedom. Mind. Body. Spirit. Heart. Friendship. Loyalty. Growth. Fear. Art. Life. Meet David John Craig. He is going to be big one day. Just watch. He’s on his… Continue Reading

a modeling portfolio

Model// Jonathan Angle // Gabriel Gastelum

Jonathan has graced my blog before. I worked with him a couple of months ago, but I am using him for purposes to explain many emails and questions that I get from a lot. There are a lot of aspiring… Continue Reading

Jinkx Monsoon & Ivy Winters // Ricky Middlesworth // BTS

Jinx & Ivy // Ricky Middlesworth // Gabriel Gastelum

One of the great things that has happened since my move to Los Angeles is the amazing photographers I have met in this city. The talent here is so incredible that it can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie.… Continue Reading