|| 2014 || Best of LOVE

Danyra & Brad // © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

one of the absolute best things about my job is the amount of love I get to capture. it really is so fulfilling. these moments is what people yearn for, and I am lucky enough to say that these awesome… Continue Reading

Clint & Scott // The London West Hollywood Wedding


When I met Clint and Scott for [their Engagement Shoot] earlier this year, it was friendship at first sight. While they live in Texas, they just have a special place in their hearts for Los Angeles so they decided to… Continue Reading

Dalina y Alex // Los Angeles Wedding

Dalina y Alex // Gabriel Gastelum

My best friend A sister from another mister got married a couple of weeks ago. [Remember their incredible engagement session?] To be surrounded by friends and family that you grew up with, watching someone you love get married to an… Continue Reading

Anastasia & Eric // Homies Forever

Anastasia & Eric // Gabriel Gastelum

Homies Forever. Anastasia & Eric. Married. It was an incredibly gorgeous day in Los Angeles. Guests sat under the warm sun and eagerly anticipated their vows. Two different cultures and families coming together as one. The day was filled with… Continue Reading

a tiny sneak peek

Lyndsay and Adam // Sneak Peek

I’m lucky. I can honestly say that I have had the best couples a photographer could ever ask for. Lyndsay and Adam were no exception. Their day was just….just…. amazing. So glad I was there to capture it. I can’t… Continue Reading

Nicole & Shay

Nicole & Shay // Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Untraditional.  When I met Nicole and Shay, I immediately knew this was going to be something special. Mostly because untraditional was the one word they used to describe their upcoming wedding. Even their [engagement session], was unlike anything you usually… Continue Reading


I love when I can make my clients happy (who doesnt?). Lyndsay and Adam opted to have both an engagement album made as well as a wedding site when they picked out their package. I love Lyndsay’s response to both… Continue Reading


The options for wedding albums offered these days is, in short, completely overwhelming. When I first began to offer albums, I had no idea where to start, let alone what company to use. I emailed a couple of awesome photographer… Continue Reading

Tara & Bill // A Mulholland Drive Wedding

“Want to help me photograph a wedding, up on a house in Mulholland drive overlooking Los Angeles?” Um. Yes. A couple of weeks ago, [Dennis Kwan] was awesome enough to let me tag along to shoot Tara & Bill’s incredibly… Continue Reading

Evy & Joe Wedding Site // Showit +site

What I love about using Showit for my website needs is the fact that it allows me to have mini +sites for my clients (or anything else really). Since I am a bestie and groomsman for her wedding, I can’t… Continue Reading