Colleen Ballinger // Miranda Sings // © Gabriel Gastelum Photog

Colleen. There is so much to be said about Colleen. So much, that one little blog post won’t do her justice. Y’all know her as Miranda Sings, but lets just talk about Colleen herself for a teensy bit. Her talent… Continue Reading

Levi Michaels // Lifestyle

Levi Michaels // © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Before we go into the shoot below, I want to talk to you guys about something. Many times, especially by clients and even fellow photographers, a certain issue was been brought up to me. That one issue is mixing my… Continue Reading

Folk in LA // Eric Rutherford

Eric Rutherford // Folk in LA

Meeting in the charming Alfred Coffee and Kitchen nestled in the ever-evolving Melrose Place, Eric Rutherford joked that a downtowner “could have come from a different state because it’s a different state of mind.” Therein lies the beauty of the city… Continue Reading

Laganja Estranja // These Legs Are Everything

Laganja Estranja // Gabriel Gastelum

Let’s not kid ourselves. Laganja had one of the [most memorable entrances in Rupaul's Drag Race]. That death drop she did was no joke. Its funny seeing how things go during the process of a really well known reality competition.… Continue Reading

Art for Art Project // Artist Zachary Crane


Meet Zachary Crane I have worked with Zach before. When the idea came up to do this Art for Art Project, Zach was actually one of the first people I thought about. I was a huge fan of his work… Continue Reading

Laganja Estranja // Getting Ready

Laganja Estrana Lifestyle // Gabriel Gastelum

The art of Drag is fascinating to me. The way they can transform themselves so quickly into these personas with amazing range astounds me. I’ve worked with some incredible Drag Queens here in Los Angeles recently and now I am… Continue Reading

Chris Salvatore // Lifestyle


I’ve worked with [Chris Salvatore] a lot in the last couple of weeks. From lifestyle sessions to upcoming editorials with well known designers. It’s been great getting to know someone like Chris in Los Angeles. He is genuinely down to… Continue Reading

Mylee // Perfectly Flawed // Breast Cancer Fighter

Mylee // Perfectly Flawed // Breast Cancer Fighter

Meet Mylee. Mother to a beautiful daughter, in the armed forces for the United States and fighting breast cancer. “I am perfectly flawed” That is what Mylee told me during our session. She explained that once people learn to accept… Continue Reading