Caitlin // Headshots and Lifestyle Photography


I live in Los Angeles. So its safe to say that I take a lot of headshots. It is standard in Los Angeles. A headshot. While I take a lot of them, I don’t necessarily post them all that often.… Continue Reading

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Los Angeles Headshot Photography

I live in Los Angeles. If you are an LA resident, then you know the importance of a good headshot. Whether you are an actor, dancer, model, executive, realtor, ninja or assassin. A good headshot goes a very long way.… Continue Reading

Andrew K

Andrew K // Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Andrew. Smiles. Venice Beach. Sunny day. All of these are key words to a good photo session. Andrew and I walked around Abbott Kinney and Venice Beach to take some portraits. The guy has the type of eyes that people… Continue Reading

Samie Morton // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Samie Morton // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

I’ve been lucky. People always hear horror stories on actresses (and actors) having horrible personalities here in LA, but honestly, I have yet to meet them. This is a good thing. I worked with Samie on a video shoot and… Continue Reading

Justin James Hughes // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Los Angeles Actor Headshots Photographer

[Justin] is probably THE funniest person I have met in Los Angeles so far. In fact, it was hard to photograph the guy because I just kept laughing. He can also change emotions and facial expressions faster than anyone I… Continue Reading

Paul Boulon // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

When I planned a shoot with Paul, he discussed that he needed it all. He wanted some Headshots (since he is a dancer going on auditions) and full body shots, since he also does some modeling. The modeling shots will… Continue Reading

Andre Bolourchi // Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Andre, Los Angeles Headshot photographer

[Andre] and I have known each other for quite some time. Our birthday is only a day apart. But, we only actually met just a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Gotta love the power of blogging and… Continue Reading

Briana C. // San Francisco Headshot Photography


The summer before 4th grade began, I met this girl who lived in my neighborhood. She had two sisters (one my sister’s age) and all three were going to be attending the same little school I went to. Looking back,… Continue Reading

Tribal Brands // No Ordinary Corporate Headshots // Photography

Gabriel Gastelum Headshot Photographer

I am not one for boring and posed images. If a potential client contacts me and explains they only want posed portraits I will suggest we do a little more than that. When Tribal Brands (and the wonderful Erin) contacted… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak // Fun Corporate Promo Shoot

Corporate Company Headshots

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to work with a company that works with lots of famous people (more on that later). They are looking to recreate their website and decided they wanted promo shots of all their employees.… Continue Reading