Clint & Scott // Los Angeles Engagement

Clint & Scott // © Gabriel Gastelum 2014

Meet Clint and Scott I received an email one morning that saying how much they loved that I can capture a moment and that my photos weren’t inundated with “posted” pictures. So after a few exchanges, they asked if I… Continue Reading

Ashley & Andy // Engagement in the Desert

Ahsley & Andy // Phoenix Engagement

Meet Ashley and Andy. Their story is romantic and fun. They are an incredibly happy couple and I love that about them. Happy people are really awesome aren’t they? Yes? Good. I’m glad you agree. Also, one thing about these… Continue Reading

Kaitlin & Andrew // Venice Beach Engagement

Kaitlin & Andrew // Venice Beach Engagement

“I’m a silly goof. She likes that. I’m lucky” Their smiles are infectious. Their love is infectious. This engagement shoot was incredible. Just incredible. Taken in probably my favorite neighborhood in all of Los Angeles, they took me to an… Continue Reading

Colby & Brandon // An Engagement


Colby & Brandon. I’ve worked a lot with these two and they have become incredible friends. No fancy lights, no magazine or online features, no concepts. Not this time. Just love. Colby and Brandon are fighting hard for their love.… Continue Reading

Renee & Jonathan // A Desert Engagement


High School Sweethearts. Just writing that makes me smile. Let me add up the ways this engagement makes me smile. I went to high school with both these youngsters. We also photographed in my hometown. My first engagement ever in… Continue Reading

Sneak Peek // Colby & Brandon // Engagement

Colby & brandon // Marriage Equality // Engagement

Something special is coming soon to the blog. Not only because they are close personal friends of mine, but because we are at a turning point in history. I see a lot of love as a wedding photographer. Love is… Continue Reading

Rachel & Nathan // Engaged // Costa Rica


In Costa Rica I was surrounded by so much love. Whether it was someone who was getting married, people that were already married, friendships forming or even newly engaged couples. I met Rachel & Nate on a whirlwind trip to… Continue Reading

Jessica + Will

Jessica & Will // Santa MOnica Engagement

Los Angeles is a little diva when it comes to photography. So many places require permits or permission to have a little session in, especially when it comes to the Santa Monica Pier. Did we get permits? Did we have… Continue Reading

Niamh + Donal

Niamh & Donal // A Northern Ireland Engagement Session

I remember my first day in the dormitory 10 years ago. Walking down the hall and looking at everyone’s names of who I would be living with for the next year. Niamh’s name stood out. It still does. No one… Continue Reading

Larissa & Paul

Larissa & Paul // Powdered Colors Engagement Session

When Larissa & Paul first suggested we meet to talk about their wedding, they recommended we meet at a cafe that serves churros and hot chocolate. It was meant to be.  I’m incredibly honored to be working with Larissa &… Continue Reading

my first time

Monica & Aaron : San Francisco Engagement Session

Not too long ago I was talking to a fellow wedding photographer (and friend) and he randomly asked me if I remembered my 1st engagement session. “Of Course”, I said.  “Really? I’ve shot so many that I can’t remember mine”,… Continue Reading



I have an idea… That is how my email began. I knew Nicole and Shay were the perfect match for this idea. A paint fight.  Nicole and Shay read the ideas for the concept and agreed wholeheartedly and I knew… Continue Reading