David John Craig

David John Craig // Gabriel Gastelum

Joy. God. Love. Music. Style. Pain. Trust. Family. Truth. Sex. Passion. Creativity. Freedom. Mind. Body. Spirit. Heart. Friendship. Loyalty. Growth. Fear. Art. Life. Meet David John Craig. He is going to be big one day. Just watch. He’s on his… Continue Reading

Andrew K

Andrew K // Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Andrew. Smiles. Venice Beach. Sunny day. All of these are key words to a good photo session. Andrew and I walked around Abbott Kinney and Venice Beach to take some portraits. The guy has the type of eyes that people… Continue Reading


I’ve been pretty lucky in Los Angeles so far. You hear horror stories about working with certain models, but I’ve had nothing but excellent models (so far). Add Doug King to that list of great people I’ve worked with. When… Continue Reading


Benjamin is a freaking blast to work with! We got together a couple of weeks ago to photograph a couple of ideas and editorials. When a model comes to me for a portfolio update, I try to send out a… Continue Reading


David and I got together a couple of weeks ago to shoot some pictures for an editorial I had in mind. We also ended up taking pictures for a certain iPhone app (which has partly made him app famous), but… Continue Reading


Jake has been traveling Asia and the United States for a couple of weeks now as a gift to himself for finishing his degree. While he was in Los Angeles, we took had a couple of sessions (for a good… Continue Reading

Daniel Ryan // Lifestyle Portraiture // The End

I feel like you guys may be tired of my session in this wheat field, but I don’t care. I love them and they have been some of my favorite lifestyle portraits I have taken so far. Who knew that… Continue Reading

Daniel Ryan // Lifestyle Portraiture Session 1

I am going to go ahead and say that this has got to be one of my favorite locations that I have ever photographed in. I asked Daniel to find some cool locations in the Tucson area (since that was… Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes with Sold Out Clothing

I assisted a friend yesterday in a shoot with Sold Out Clothing. This is Jay. It was hot. More to come later. It was pretty amazing because my friend Paul uses all these strobes and lights while I focus on… Continue Reading