In a city as huge as Los Angeles, everyone has their favorite go to place for the best burgers. I was getting recommendations from many friends on where I could go to taste the best LA has to offer in… Continue Reading

Last of Summer // Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice

I don’t know why I am calling it the last of Summer. I guess it was OFFICIALLY the last day of Summer in Los Angeles, but I don’t think Summer ever leaves here. It was 100 degrees today for (explicit… Continue Reading

Kendra Cooks! // Mother’s Day Dinner in Manhattan Beach

My Mom comes to LA a little bit after Mother’s Day, so I was without family on actual Mother’s Day. Kendra, being the amazing person that she is invited me down to her house in Manhattan Beach for dinner. Her… Continue Reading

San Francisco Heat Wave // Mission Beach Cafe

Yesterday was a scorcher. Seriously, the whole Bay Area had a heat advisory warning. Its funny because everyone has been complaining about how cold the summer has been this year. Then BAM! All of the sudden Satan decided to visit… Continue Reading

San Francisco Eats // Katana – Ya

Seattle may have a huge Asian population and a decent sized International District, but what it really lacked was one really good restaurant that focused on ramen. San Francisco does not have this problem. It is actually the only ramen… Continue Reading