Chinese Tea Ceremony in Seattle

To this day, Deborah and Justin’s wedding, is probably at the top of my list of funnest weddings I have ever been too. Luckily, I went as a guest, and brought zero cameras to the event and it was wonderful.… Continue Reading

MAGNET Book Club // “Just Kids” by Patti Smith


My good friend Oscar recently started a book club here in San Francisco that is hosted by Magnet down in the Castro. While I regrettably had no time to read the first book, he still asked me to come by… Continue Reading

It Was A Great Weekend

Pabst Vs Bud Light

So many pictures to edit from this weekend that I don’t even know where to begin. Headshots, Engagements, Niamh’s Going Away extravaganza AND a sunny Sunday. So much enjoyment that my head almost exploded. Lots of picture updates to come… Continue Reading

Scott Pilgrim and Sunday Soccer Games


I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, but when a couple of friends invited me to go see Scott Pilgrim I agreed to go watch it after seeing the trailer. I can see the movie completely splitting… Continue Reading