Chris Salvatore Underwear


Chris Salvatore is the following; Singer, Actor, Dog Lover and now Underwear Designer. Yup. Undies!! I have photographed for a lot of underwear companies since moving to Los Angeles. So I know my undies. I gotta say though, they are… Continue Reading

Laganja Estranja // Femme Fatale

Laganja Estranja // Art of Drag 4

Welcome to the final part of my Art of Drag series with Drag Queen extraordinaire Laganja Estranja. [Part 1] [Part 2] [ Part 3]  Looking back at the previous posts, it stuns me that we were able to do such… Continue Reading

Laganja Estranja // These Legs Are Everything

Laganja Estranja // Gabriel Gastelum

Let’s not kid ourselves. Laganja had one of the [most memorable entrances in Rupaul’s Drag Race]. That death drop she did was no joke. Its funny seeing how things go during the process of a really well known reality competition.… Continue Reading

Hey Marseilles // Paint Battle

Hey Marseilles

[Hey Marseilles] Finally. After all this time I finally got to photograph these guys I have been following since Day 1. I remember living in Seattle and watching these guys practice in the basement of their house. Nick has been… Continue Reading

Fashion Editorial // Oribe Hair


A couple of weeks ago I did a big two day shoot for [Oribe Hair]. It was kinda amazing. It was the first time I had my own shoot over at [Siren Studios] and it was incredible. It felt pretty… Continue Reading

a little bloggity update


I hate when I fall behind on blogging. I am always so excited to show everyone what I’m working on! With sites like Facebook and Tumblr, microblogging has made things so much easier than writing super long posts. But, I… Continue Reading

Editorial // Saturday Morning Cartoons

Parker Hurley // Editorial // Gabriel Gastelum

Remember when we were kids and we used to wake up on Saturday morning really excited to watch cartoons? Well, some of us never really grow out of that. The cool ones don’t at least. Who is to say that… Continue Reading

DJ | Jay McCracken


Los Angeles is filed with the the most creative people. Almost every other person you meet has creativity flowing out of them. Like Jay here. A gifted music producers and DJ. Hailing from Atlanta he decided to make Los Angeles… Continue Reading

Winter in Los Angeles | Sneak Peeks


Is a lot different than what most people associate “Winter” weather with. Gotta love Southern California. Here are a few sneak peeks up upcoming sessions to be blogged