Lindah & Adam // Langkawi Island Wedding

Langkawi Island Wedding // Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Here it is, the second part of one of the most epic weddings I have photographed. In case you missed it, Lindah and Adam spent the first weekend in Malaysia celebrating traditional Malaysian wedding customs. [CLICK HERE] to go check… Continue Reading

Danyra & Brad // Tulum Beach Destination Wedding

Danyra & Brad // © Gabriel Gastelum Photography

It is here! Danyra & Brad! ! Talk about an amazing wedding from start to finish. Seriously, every frame was just astounding. But, it’s easy to say that when the destination is breathtaking and the couple themselves rock it out.… Continue Reading

A Wedding In Ireland // Niamh & Donal


I went to Ireland to watch a best friend get married at a castle. If you follow the blog, you know that I was in Ireland last year to capture [Niamh and Donal’s Engagement Pictures]. This time though, I returned… Continue Reading

Jessica & Mark // A Costa Rica Wedding

Jessica & Mark // A Costa Rica Wedding

“We are getting married in Costa Rica and I think it would be Kick-Ass if you were our wedding photographer.” The email started simply and got to the point. I had met Jessica & Mark back when I photographed a… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Final Reception


Here it is, the final blog post of one of the most epic wedding events ever! After many days, many events and a lot of festivities it was time for the final party (besides the New Year’s Eve party that… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Wedding Ceremony


The day of the wedding was finally here. After a couple of days of activities for everyone it was time to see the ceremony that I like to call “The Rice War” (see photo above). They had the biggest room… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Sangeet


After the Mehendi Ceremony and Cricket matches, all the wedding guests enjoyed a nice lunch and had a couple of hours of rest before the Sangeet that night began. Now, for those of you that don’t know, a Sangeet is… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Mehendi & Cricket


At the start of the second day, you could tell that the entire hotel was preparing for all the events of the wedding. The boys were scheduled to play cricket in the private gardens and the girls had an entire… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Welcoming


While it still astounds me that I had the incredible opportunity to photograph a wedding in India for a good friend, I won’t go into it too much. In short, it was so amazing that I felt small and overwhelmed… Continue Reading

Hitha + Sri // India Wedding // Sneak Peak


Hitha and Sri’s wedding in Hyderbad, India could be described in one short word: Incredible. Sure, I have used the word a lot the last year, but this one definitely fits as well, trust me. I have a lot of… Continue Reading

Aubrey & Nate // New Orleans Wedding Photography


The first time I ever met Aubrey, we both had two 40-ounce beers duct taped to our hands. I was telling a mutual friend how funny it is that the first time we met, we ended up taking amazingly unflattering… Continue Reading