Washington D.C.

A couple of weeks ago I was hired to do a big campaign for a super cool company in Washington D.C.

It was one of the funnest shoots ever. 

I was excited because I both participated and had control of one of the biggest shoots I have ever been a part of and I got to see some really good friends. When I first started traveling a lot, I used to be crazy with my camera. I would spend too much time trying to take the perfect picture and not really enjoy my surroundings as I should have.

Not anymore. 

I finally realized that I need to enjoy the time outside of work and just take in the moment. This does not mean, by a long shot, that I don’t take out my camera from time to time. Its just, more selective when I do. It was not my first time in DC, so I opted out of doing anything I have already done. I didn’t visit any museums or go to any memorials. I finally got to explore the neighborhoods and go to some awesome bars. Seriously though, it was SO humid.

Cotton underwear was a mistake.

IMG 9784 e1318714519868 Washington D.C.

IMG 9794 e1318714552345 Washington D.C.

IMG 9790 e1318714573592 Washington D.C.

IMG 9785 e1318714596135 Washington D.C.

IMG 9787 e1318714619684 Washington D.C.

IMG 9789 e1318714641514 Washington D.C.

IMG 9788 e1318714661814 Washington D.C.

Sneak Peak // How Corporate Photography Should Look

IMG 0042 e1317715984629 Sneak Peak // How Corporate Photography Should Look

I recently had the amazing pleasure to travel to D.C. for a fun project involving a small, but growing, corporation. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the shoot, because in short, it was awesome. We had fake mustaches, puppets, bouncy balls and even an awesome dog! We also had an awesome stylist on set that helped everyone look good! I had a lot of fun and was happy to take part in it. Everyone was so fun and into it. I wish all corporations were as laid back and outgoing as these people.  Above is a small preview, but I can’t wait to show you the rest.