alexie 2.0

Alexie Agdeppa // Los Angeles Lifestyle Portraiture

Cause when she dances….she goes and goes  Moments. It’s official. I love to capture moments. There were so many moments with Alexie.  Every turn, every smile, every laugh, every jump. It was hard to capture it all. But, we still… Continue Reading


Shake it off: Ryan Ramirez from So You Think You Can Dance

Three R’s. Ryan Ramirez Revisted.  The day I photographed Ryan for her [lifestyle] and editorial session, I took more pics than I usually take at a wedding. Seriously.  It isn’t rare for me to go back to a recent shoot… Continue Reading

Hitha & Sri // India Wedding Photography // Sangeet


After the Mehendi Ceremony and Cricket matches, all the wedding guests enjoyed a nice lunch and had a couple of hours of rest before the Sangeet that night began. Now, for those of you that don’t know, a Sangeet is… Continue Reading

When She Dances…

When she Dances

“Cause when she dances, she goes and goes….” It is no surprise from the picture above why the video below reminds me of my sister.