David Ratcliffe // Model + Dancer Photography

David Ratcliffe by Gabriel Gastelum Photography

Meet David. David is new from Los Angeles, via England. My guess is that David just needed some more sun in his life? Actually, David is a dancer. Having danced for artists such as Kylie Minogue. Which is freaking awesome.… Continue Reading

Willie Gomez // Dancer

Wilie Gomez by Gabriel Gastelum

Some of us dance for pop legends like Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Britney Spears. Some of us slip in the shower and pretend that it is a form of dancing. Guess which one Willie Gomez is? Willie is… Continue Reading



Those long sighs of awesomeness. I kept doing those sighs when editing Samantha’s session here. Sometimes things just work out perfectly. You don’t need extensive planning or location scouting to have a good photo session. Just work with the area… Continue Reading

Allison Holker // Lifestyle


I tell everyone this who asks how it was like working with Allison. She has more energy in one pinky toe than I do in my entire body. As soon as she was ready, BOOM, it was high energy and… Continue Reading

Allison Holker

Allison Holker by Gabriel Gastelum

Allison Holker Allison – freaking – Holker After a session, a photographer has to go through the photos and pick out the best from the bunch. But, what do you do when almost every single image blows your mind? This… Continue Reading

Allison Holker // Sneak Peek

Allison Holker // The Dancing Dreamer

// Let’s take a chance baby, we can’t lose // Ain’t we all just runaways? Had the incredible opportunity to photograph Allison Holker recently of So You Think You Can Dance & Dancing With The Stars fame. I haven’t posted… Continue Reading

Megan Batoon

Megan Batoon // Dancer // Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Young hearts, out our minds Runnin like we outta time Wild childs, lookin’ good Livin hard just like we should Don’t care whose watching when we tearing it up  That magic that we got nobody can touch  Meet Megan. Who… Continue Reading

alexie 2.0

Alexie Agdeppa // Los Angeles Lifestyle Portraiture

Cause when she dances….she goes and goes  Moments. It’s official. I love to capture moments. There were so many moments with Alexie.  Every turn, every smile, every laugh, every jump. It was hard to capture it all. But, we still… Continue Reading


Alexie Agdeppa // Los Angeles Lifestyle Photography

There are so many pictures I take in a session. It’s a problem when it comes to blogging because I want to blog all of them. This was especially the case with Alexie. Alexie is a dancer of unicorn proportions.… Continue Reading


Shake it off: Ryan Ramirez from So You Think You Can Dance

Three R’s. Ryan Ramirez Revisted.  The day I photographed Ryan for her [lifestyle] and editorial session, I took more pics than I usually take at a wedding. Seriously.  It isn’t rare for me to go back to a recent shoot… Continue Reading

this is Mari Saito

Mari Saito // Los Angeles Performer

Talented. Brilliant. Insane. Mari fits the mold of the most amazing performers in Los Angeles. Those that are so crazy talented that you have to take a moment not to feel like a failure. She does everything. One time I… Continue Reading