that pregnancy glow

Kendra Robinson // Maternity Shoot

You hear about it all the time. That “Pregnancy Glow”. Well, guess what!? It exists. Kendra here has proved it. Kendra was my neighbor my freshman year in the dorms, she was also my neighbor at my first apartment out… Continue Reading

Russell & Cord // Seattle Wedding

russell and cord // same love

This is a special one for me. Well, in a way it is a special one for a whole community. This is a first for Gabriel Gastelum Photography. This is the first same-sex wedding I have featured on this blog… Continue Reading

Kaitlin & Andrew // Venice Beach Engagement

Kaitlin & Andrew // Venice Beach Engagement

“I’m a silly goof. She likes that. I’m lucky” Their smiles are infectious. Their love is infectious. This engagement shoot was incredible. Just incredible. Taken in probably my favorite neighborhood in all of Los Angeles, they took me to an… Continue Reading

Constance Nunes // Los Angeles Model Photography


Oh my poor little blog. Slowly becoming harder and harder to update everyone on all the great shoots I’ve had. Such as this one. It seems like I photographed Constance decades ago. But, I knew at some point I really… Continue Reading

Renee & Jonathan // A Desert Engagement


High School Sweethearts. Just writing that makes me smile. Let me add up the ways this engagement makes me smile. I went to high school with both these youngsters. We also photographed in my hometown. My first engagement ever in… Continue Reading

Rachel & Nathan // Engaged // Costa Rica


In Costa Rica I was surrounded by so much love. Whether it was someone who was getting married, people that were already married, friendships forming or even newly engaged couples. I met Rachel & Nate on a whirlwind trip to… Continue Reading



Arizona in the winter. One of my absolute favorite places to explore during a photo session. And what an amazing lady to explore it with. Meet Erica. Stunning. That is the only word I need to describe her. Her smile… Continue Reading



Those long sighs of awesomeness. I kept doing those sighs when editing Samantha’s session here. Sometimes things just work out perfectly. You don’t need extensive planning or location scouting to have a good photo session. Just work with the area… Continue Reading

Allison Holker

Allison Holker by Gabriel Gastelum

Allison Holker Allison – freaking – Holker After a session, a photographer has to go through the photos and pick out the best from the bunch. But, what do you do when almost every single image blows your mind? This… Continue Reading

Allison Holker // Sneak Peek

Allison Holker // The Dancing Dreamer

// Let’s take a chance baby, we can’t lose // Ain’t we all just runaways? Had the incredible opportunity to photograph Allison Holker recently of So You Think You Can Dance & Dancing With The Stars fame. I haven’t posted… Continue Reading