this is Mari Saito

Mari Saito // Los Angeles Performer

Talented. Brilliant. Insane. Mari fits the mold of the most amazing performers in Los Angeles. Those that are so crazy talented that you have to take a moment not to feel like a failure. She does everything. One time I… Continue Reading

Oh Hey, Benn Mendoza

Benn Mendoza // Circus Aerialist

[Benn] He is not a stranger to the [blog]. Usually on the east coast, Benn has been back in Los Angeles making waves. Either by starting new aerial training programs or by being on America’s Got Talent with his crew… Continue Reading

Twisty Flying Bendy People

Aerialist School Los Angeles

That is what I call them because that is what they are. Benn was teaching an aerial class and asked if I could take some behind the scenes shots while he taught. He also invited my sister to come along… Continue Reading

Benn Mendoza

Benn Mendoza Lifestyle Portraiture / Aerialist

It is always hard to meet people when you move to a new city. Everyone already has their clique of friends and hangouts, so it is a bit difficult to break into that circle anywhere you go. This was not… Continue Reading

Flying with Benn and Mari // Aerial Entertainers

Benn Mendoza & Mari Saito Aerialists

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to check out how Benn and Mari practice for an upcoming show. I literally spent the whole time yelling “WHAT?”; “ARE YOU KIDDING?”; “OW!”; etc. These two are magic. Check… Continue Reading