Chris Salvatore // Lifestyle


I’ve worked with [Chris Salvatore] a lot in the last couple of weeks. From lifestyle sessions to upcoming editorials with well known designers. It’s been great getting to know someone like Chris in Los Angeles. He is genuinely down to… Continue Reading

Caitlin // Headshots and Lifestyle Photography


I live in Los Angeles. So its safe to say that I take a lot of headshots. It is standard in Los Angeles. A headshot. While I take a lot of them, I don’t necessarily post them all that often.… Continue Reading

a little bloggity update


I hate when I fall behind on blogging. I am always so excited to show everyone what I’m working on! With sites like Facebook and Tumblr, microblogging has made things so much easier than writing super long posts. But, I… Continue Reading

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Los Angeles Headshot Photography

I live in Los Angeles. If you are an LA resident, then you know the importance of a good headshot. Whether you are an actor, dancer, model, executive, realtor, ninja or assassin. A good headshot goes a very long way.… Continue Reading

Sara Happ // Lip Scrub & Balm

Sara Happ Feature // Lip Scrub & Lip Slip

Meet Sara. Sara, as you can tell is stunning. Not only is Sara incredibly gorgeous, but she is an incredibly successful business owner. Sara started her line of scrubs in her small kitchen. Just her and couple of pots and… Continue Reading


Gabriel Gastelum Photography 2011

I photographed a wedding in India. I blacked out in Vegas (twice). Toured wine country with my girls. Road tripped from Arizona to Georgia. Helped capture my best friend’s wedding. Moved to Los Angeles. Worked with celebrities. Participated in my first… Continue Reading


Lowie // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

STRAYA! Photographing a comedian is hard. Why? Because it’s difficult to keep the camera from shaking from laughter. [Lowie] is one funny dude. Which is good since it is what he does for a living. Originally from Australia, he now… Continue Reading

Samie Morton // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Samie Morton // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

I’ve been lucky. People always hear horror stories on actresses (and actors) having horrible personalities here in LA, but honestly, I have yet to meet them. This is a good thing. I worked with Samie on a video shoot and… Continue Reading

Justin James Hughes // Los Angeles Actor Headshot and Portrait Photography

Los Angeles Headshot Photography - Justin

You guys have seen Justin on my blog before. His agency told him that he needed new looks for his headshots, so he contacted me and had a fun little session before I left for DC. As you can see,… Continue Reading

Justin James Hughes // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Los Angeles Actor Headshots Photographer

[Justin] is probably THE funniest person I have met in Los Angeles so far. In fact, it was hard to photograph the guy because I just kept laughing. He can also change emotions and facial expressions faster than anyone I… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak // Justin James Hughes

Justin James Hughes Headshots

This guy is insanely talented. Trust me. His headshot session coming soon. I was always told that I was a very expressive guy, but I have nothing on Justin here. He switched emotions and faces like no one I have… Continue Reading