An Editorial // The Interrogation

An Editorial // The Interrogation // Photography

Dark. Gritty. Dirty. Photography has taken me to many different places (both literally and figuratively). Your best works, comes when you are in your element. But, sometimes something comes a long that takes you out of your element.  This collaboration… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Paul Ferrer Underwear

Colby Melvin for Paul Ferrer Clothing

I don’t need a lot. I don’t need big fancy lights, big locations, stylists, make up artists, art directors, etc. All I need is good light & and a good model. Sure, sometimes you need help here and there with… Continue Reading

Hands & Tortillas

My Grandmother's Hands by Gabriel Gastelum

My grandmother hates having her picture taken. Absolutely hates it. It’s OK though. I don’t need to take a portrait of her to tell a story about her. I just need her hands. Hands that tell an impossible amount of… Continue Reading

The Robinson Family

The Robinson Family / Los Angeles Lifestyle Portrait

I’ve known Kendra since the first day I moved into my college dorm room. We lived directly in front of each other and we would always chat with hands full of gummy bears. It’s been almost 10 years of friendship.… Continue Reading

Road Trip :: Tucson to Atlanta

Road Trip: Santa Fe, Texas, Memphis, Atlanta

A long long time ago Evy and I took a road trip from Arizona to Georgia. Right before her incredible wedding, she moved back to Atlanta. About a year and a half ago it seems like. I never had time… Continue Reading

Colby Melvin // Model // Malibu

Colby Melvin // Model // Malibu

Malibu. While it is a pretty famous beach town, a lot of out of town visitors don’t realize how cold the Pacific Ocean is. This happened with Colby. During our shoot in Malibu, it was his first time actually touching… Continue Reading