Nicole & Shay

Nicole & Shay // Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Untraditional.  When I met Nicole and Shay, I immediately knew this was going to be something special. Mostly because untraditional was the one word they used to describe their upcoming wedding. Even their [engagement session], was unlike anything you usually… Continue Reading

this is Mari Saito

Mari Saito // Los Angeles Performer

Talented. Brilliant. Insane. Mari fits the mold of the most amazing performers in Los Angeles. Those that are so crazy talented that you have to take a moment not to feel like a failure. She does everything. One time I… Continue Reading

Oh Hey, Benn Mendoza

Benn Mendoza // Circus Aerialist

[Benn] He is not a stranger to the [blog]. Usually on the east coast, Benn has been back in Los Angeles making waves. Either by starting new aerial training programs or by being on America’s Got Talent with his crew… Continue Reading

developing my own style

JC Gonzalez // Actor

When I first started doing photography, one of the hardest things to do was try to develop my own style. There were so many photographers out there that I admired and I longed for my pictures to look like theirs. … Continue Reading


Benjamin Godfre by Gabriel Gastelum

**WARNING** THIS POST CONTAINS IMAGES WITH SLIGHT NUDITY  Apparently I have offended.  It seems like some people can’t handle even the slightest hint of nudity. Some have been potential clients and I’ve even had fellow photographers tell me that I… Continue Reading

my first time

Monica & Aaron : San Francisco Engagement Session

Not too long ago I was talking to a fellow wedding photographer (and friend) and he randomly asked me if I remembered my 1st engagement session. “Of Course”, I said.  “Really? I’ve shot so many that I can’t remember mine”,… Continue Reading



Passionate.  That is the word I am going to use to describe Teni here. She is passionate about anything she does. Whether that is writing, acting, blogging or fostering dogs that are in need of homes. She is a HUGE… Continue Reading



The first time I met Kerri, we took shots and sang Rihanna out loud. After a night of uncontrollable laughter (ok maybe two nights) she told me that I needed to photograph her family. I warn each family that if… Continue Reading

Parker Hurley

Parker Hurley

Parker is new to Los Angeles from New York. I met up with Parker at the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica for a workout and headshot session (which I don’t blog). I’ve never really explored the left side of… Continue Reading


Benn & Mari : Los Angeles Aerialist Performers

If there was a school called “How the $%^&K is that possible?!; Mari & Benn would probably be the top students (or founders). I have photographed these two circus pandas before and it has always been a fun time. We… Continue Reading