Justin James Hughes // Los Angeles Headshot Photography

Los Angeles Actor Headshots Photographer

[Justin] is probably THE funniest person I have met in Los Angeles so far. In fact, it was hard to photograph the guy because I just kept laughing. He can also change emotions and facial expressions faster than anyone I… Continue Reading

Test Shoot for TMC Designs

Cynthia Model Spec Shoot

“I like your earrings!” was how the conversation started. I was at artwalk with my partner in crime (cousin Eddie) and he was searching for the owner of an awesome space we stumbled upon. The space was filled with artists… Continue Reading

Twisty Flying Bendy People

Aerialist School Los Angeles

That is what I call them because that is what they are. Benn was teaching an aerial class and asked if I could take some behind the scenes shots while he taught. He also invited my sister to come along… Continue Reading

Benn Mendoza

Benn Mendoza Lifestyle Portraiture / Aerialist

It is always hard to meet people when you move to a new city. Everyone already has their clique of friends and hangouts, so it is a bit difficult to break into that circle anywhere you go. This was not… Continue Reading

Paul Boulon // Santa Monica Model Session

Paul Boulon / Model Portfolio Photography

My friend Paul here is a recent transplant to Los Angeles as well. After we met through a mutual friend, we decided to get together one day and explore locations around Santa Monica for a headshot session. We also decided… Continue Reading