Good And Bad Memories

“The truth is that it is all the memories, the good ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make you who you are as a person.” – Scrubs

Baklava, Robyn and India

The picture above can tell you two important things about me. The first one is that I love pastries, whether they are from Greece or China. If it is sweet you can most likely bet that I will be doing… Continue Reading

Scott Pilgrim and Sunday Soccer Games

I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, but when a couple of friends invited me to go see Scott Pilgrim I agreed to go watch it after seeing the trailer. I can see the movie completely splitting… Continue Reading

An Irish Lad & A Mexican

This picture is for Niamh’s mom and only her mom (inside joke). Two Mexicans (Mar and I) and 8 people from Ireland. We went out to eat dinner at Andalu in the Mission District and it was so delicious. Not… Continue Reading

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If I had to pick any city to move to in all of the ones I visited in South America, it would be Rio De Janeiro. It is crazy how fast I fell in love with the city during our… Continue Reading